The Fantasy Camera

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Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed

The story starts with an antique camera kept in the city’s Government Museum. The Government had decided to sell that camera in auction. It was not a normal camera. It was 100 years old and there was an old paper attached to the camera saying “NO DEATH IF YOU TAKE PICTURE IN THIS…..”. So during auction day, hundreds of rich people came to buy that camera. Finally a village’s Zamindar won the auction and bought the camera for 10 crores. Zamindar was very proud and the camera was taken into the village with full celebrations.

               After he reached his palace by evening, he had dinner and started getting ready for taking his picture in the camera. He asked his personal assistant to take a picture of him, seated on his throne. He was very proud and gave pose with a grumpy face. Post taking few pictures, he locked the camera in his vault and went to sleep. At night, a thief from the same village stole Zamindar’s camera from the vault and hid it in his hut house. 

               Early in the morning, thief’s daughter and son took the camera which their father stole from Zamindar. The thief stopped them and told not to play with that and left his house after seeing crowd in front of Zamindar’s house. He heard the news that Zamindar passed away at night and the crowd was talking that it’s all because of the Camera. The thief was shocked. He ran towards his house and saw his son taking pictures of his daughter. He went near to his son and pushed the camera down and the camera broke into pieces. Thief’s kids were shocked and his son went near the camera. The old paper came out of the camera which said “NO DEATH IF YOU TAKE PICTURE IN THIS…..”. He turned the paper and shouted to his sister saying, “See, I was correct. You should say CHEESE when I click a picture. Good that you said CHEESE”

               He threw the old paper and ran towards his father and sister. The backside of the old paper said “….ONLY IF YOU SMILE AND SAY CHEESE”


This story was written in response to What do you see # 36 – 29 June 2020 prompt hosted by Sadje

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